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With the self-publishing industry booming, it’s never been a better or easier time to get your business book published.

You’ve poured your heart and soul in your book.
All of your expertise and wisdom is in there.
It’s edited, proofread and you’re satisfied…
It’s ready to go.

Now what?

Publishing your book can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry.
I got you.

Let’s have a chat.

I can walk you through what to do, the stages of publishing and help you figure out any obstacles.

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Delegate those tasks.

The technical aspect of publishing can be an overwhelming and frustrating pain in the proverbial. So you might want to delegate.

  • I can format you ebook and/or paperback (email me for a price).
  • I can design your ebook and / or paperback cover (email me for a price)


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