There are a number of ways you can work with me one-on-one.

Pick My Brain

This is perfect if you’re stuck with something in your book, your writing process, what’s involved in self-publishing, what path to take, how to get out of a rut or anything else.

This is particularly useful if there’s anything you need to talk through or you’d rather pick my brain for research that took me months to do but will take an hour for me to pass onto you.

Book an hour Zoom video call with me (or we can DM if you prefer).

Your investment: £60.
Availability: These are NOT available in December or August.
Book yours now: Pay via Paypal and email me (or I’ll be in touch) to sort out a date and time.

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Story and Structure Session

If you have ALL the ideas but you can’t work out the structure of your book or what order those ideas should go in, this is for you.

In a Zoom video call up to three hours (or with cake in person if you’re local), we’ll go through your ideas, find your story and work out a structure.

By the end of the day, you’ll have an outline for your book and a writing schedule. You’ll be ready to go!

Book a Story and Structure Session with me.

Your investment: £197.
Availability: Only four available a month. These are NOT available in December or August.
Book yours now: Pay via Paypal and email me (or I’ll be in touch) to sort out a date and time.

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What people say

“I enlisted Jenny’s support recently to help me structure all of the ideas I had for my book. I was in a bit of overwhelm and just couldn’t get started; I don’t think I could see the wood for the trees.
Jenny helped to tease the central ‘story’ out of me with some great questions and then she organised everything into a cohesive structure and book plan.
Now when I’m writing I keep Jenny’s plan open and I find it keeps me on track!
Jenny also gave me an increased confidence in myself and the fact that my story is worth writing and sharing. Thank you Jenny.”

Anonymous (still in the book closet)



Write Your Book – Three to six months of coaching

This is ideal for those writers who would like someone by their side whether they’re writing their first draft, editing, publishing or all three.

We will:

  • Go over your outline, characters, structure, ideas, publishing path and anything you’re feeling doubt about.
  • Create a writing/publishing schedule for you that fits into your life, is realistic but that gets your book written.

I will then be your accountability partner, there to:

  • Give you encouragement and motivation when you need it.
  • Check in on you weekly to see how you’re progressing.
  • Discuss any issues as they come up.

This includes:

  • A meeting at the beginning to make sure everything’s in place and help you feel confident with your writing.
  • Weekly hour long calls to check in, see how your book is coming along and make any changes to your schedule as required.
  • You can contact me whenever you’re feeling low, doubt or want to celebrate a win (or for anything else writing related!). I’ll come back to you as soon as I can during office hours.

Book a three or six month package with me.

Your investment: £349 for three months and £116 for each month after that.
Availability: Now available.
Book yours now: Email me for a free 30 minute clarity call to see if we’re a good fit.