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  • Workshop tickets cost £15, unless you’re a Story Weaver member of The Treehouse Club, in which case all workshops are free.
  • Workshops are online, which means you can attend from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home / library / coffee shop / work / wherever there is wifi.
  • All workshops comes with a freebie to help you with your writing.
  • Replays will be available! If you buy a ticket, a replay will be made available. Story Weaver members of The Treehouse Club have access to all workshops, whenever.
  • Go to the link below for the workshop you’re interested in to buy your ticket. You’ll be sent a link to the workshop as the date approaches. Alternatively, come and join The Treehouse Club as a Story Weaver and get access to all workshops for free!

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Workshops for 2019

Tuesday 25 June – Live Q&A  [Join the Facebook Group to join in!]


I’ll be going live to answer any questions you have about writing right now.

They might have cropped up from something you’ve downloaded in The Treehouse Club, the Finding Time To Write workshop or the Build Your Confidence Writing workshop, or from something you’ve experienced, read or seen recently.





Thursday 11 July – Find Ideas and Get Inspired  [Tickets coming soon]

Tuesday 6 August – Developing Your Characters  [Tickets coming soon]

Tuesday 10 September – The Basics of Outlining and Plotting  [Tickets coming soon]

Tuesday 8 October – “Dialogue,” she said, “And how to make it real.”  [Tickets coming soon]

Tuesday 12 November – Start Marketing Your Fiction Now  [Tickets coming soon]

Tuesday 10 December – Planning Your Fiction 2020  [Tickets coming soon]


What others have said:

‘…of all the writing coaches I’ve found so far, you are easily my favourite in terms of teaching ability, likability, and the trust you inspire.’ 

‘Ooooh, I love this. Thank you for your excellent advice. And thank you using my own character to help me out. That was incredibly cool and helpful of you.’

‘Jenny is an AMAZING person who is chock-full of great good humour, sparkling personality, and excellent advice. She’s been one of my go-to writing personalities since I discovered her group a few months back.’

‘Thanks for putting this together, Jenny! It really got me motivated to get going on my novel. I’m a newbie at all this, but I’m excited to see where it goes. I’m now 11 poems/scenes into my story and feeling like I really can do this :)’