What 2019 Has In Store For Write Into The Woods

What 2019 Has In Store For Write Into The Woods

What 2019 Has In Store For Write Into The Woods


Happy New Year!
I hope you had a lovely Christmas break, whatever you were up to.

It’s always a mixed time of year for me.
I love Christmas but I hate New Year. It’s full of fireworks (which I hate and my puppy is very scared of) and drunk people (waking us all up at 1.30am and smashing beer bottles), and ALL the people on social media being so very happy with the year that has just gone.
I always spend the last day of every year angry and grumpy.

But by 1 January, I’m happy, skipping around the house, cleaning and tidying, and full of the joys of what the new year will bring.

Although this year, or rather last year, was different. I wasn’t just grumpy on 31 December, I was grumpy for the whole Christmas period.
It was because I was making the same promises and same goals for 2019 as I made for 2018, and 2017.

I’m not going to lie. Brace yourself, because here is brutal honesty.
2018 was my worst year in business, out of three years so far of being self-employed. And I’ve never really had what someone would call a good year.
I’ve spent the last week wondering what the point is.

Then I started writing down all my plans for 2019. They’ve been in my head for months, but last week I sat down, wrote them down and started to work out exactly when I was going to do them.
And I started to get excited.

So here we go!

What’s in store for Write into the Woods in 2019…

  • The monthly Challenges will be continuing in the Facebook group, with the next one taking place in the week commencing 14 January and being all about outlining.
    They won’t all necessarily be a week long or be Challenges, but they will be packed full of tips and advice and help with your writing and they will be free.
  • I’ll soon be offering half hour and hour long calls, hopefully starting in January, where you can ask me any questions about writing, we can talk through any bits you’re stuck with and any ideas you’re trying to work out. I’m not sure if these count as mentoring or coaching calls yet, but as soon as I figure that out, we’ll be good to go!
  • Starting in April, there’ll be a workshop each month. These won’t be free (see my brutal, honest statement above). I’ll be testing out prices. April’s workshop will cost £10 and will be all about Turning Your Idea Into A Plot*.*subject to change.
  • Also happening in April is the relaunching of The Treehouse Club. It’s going to look completely different from my original vision. It’s going to be much simpler and affordable with just as much goodness. There’ll be tiers to the membership, including a free tier.
  • The WITW Instagram account is going to get much better with more tips, advice, insights and I’ll be posting Stories about behind-the-scenes. That means more brutal honesty.
    AND I’m working on getting WITW on Pinterest.
  • I’m also planning more helpful books to help you with your writing, notebooks, journals and, of course, the 2020 writing planners.
    (You can get your 2019 planner right here.)

Exciting stuff, right?

That’s as well as the weekly blog posts on here (answering the issues members of the Facebook group bring up when they join), Friday newsletters, regular motivation, advice and tips.

I hope you’ll stick with me through 2019 (or join me if you’re new).

I’ve also planned out my own fiction writing for 2019…

and I did a free informal workshop about this process in The Treehouse Club Facebook group last week. It’ll always be up there, so you can go watch it now by joining the group.

I’m planning on writing three first drafts and publishing at least one book, and at best, setting up 2020 to be an amazing year (four published books, fingers crossed!).

And then there’s my personal goals for 2019, including:

  • Reading 12 non-fiction books (which I’ll be sharing on Instagram and Facebook).
  • Doing more learning – I’ll be watching a workshop or webinar every Friday and am looking at another MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). I haven’t done one for over a year when I finished doing a spate of palaeontology courses.
  • Taking the puppy on his first family holiday in Scotland (YAY!).
  • Visiting Edinburgh at least twice (preferably more).


Finally, I have motivation and excitement for 2019.

What are you fiction writing plans?

Let’s do this!


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