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The Lesser Known Way Of Getting Motivated

My Surefire Way of Getting Motivated to Write - Write into the Woods

Last week someone on Facebook was asking the world how to find motivation.

It turns out they were so close to finishing their book but they’d stalled. They needed a nudge. Which I was only too happy to provide.

I suggested they do what I used to do when I was a teenager and frequently came up across writers block.
Spend some time doing productive procrastination by researching.
That can mean whatever works for you, whether that’s researching something for your book or next project or what I used to do: researching writing, editing and publishing techniques.

Yup, when I was at a loss, I would scour the internet for articles (no such thing as Google or video marketing back then and self-publishing was vanity publishing and not something proper writers did) on how to write and edit.

This was usually enough to get me excited about writing. It would get the cogs working and soon I’d be scribbling or tapping away on a new story.

This is why I started Write into the Woods in the first place. Those wonderful ye olde websites that taught me how to write in my youth are the inspiration behind WITW and, I hope, will prove just as useful to writers who are feeling a tad stuck.

Of course, technology has moved on since then. You can still find articles across the internet showing you how to write, publish and sell your masterpieces, but now there are also videos to watch and podcasts to listen to, particularly handy if you’re on the move.

There are a ton of writing podcasts out there, focusing on everything to do with writing, and I’ll try and get a blog post up on those soon.


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