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Building something multi-faceted always feels a little…clunky after a while.
There’s just so much going on and it’s over the place.
So, I thought I’d move it all into one place.
Right here.

Here you can find everything I offer, the investment (that’s the cost) and where you can find out more…

Join the free email community and grab your 5 Things You Need To Start Writing checklist and your Writing A Book flowchart.
A short daily email (weekdays only) from me with writing motivation, tips and news straight to your inbox.
Investment: FREE!

Check out the blog for new videos and articles about the writing process, being a writer and publishing.
Investment: FREE!

Follow me on Instagram for grid goodness and story madness with writing motivation, advice and help.
Investment: FREE (apart from losing a few hours on Instagram)!

Plan Your Writing for 2020 Workshop
An informal, festival workshop going through how to plan your writing and publishing for 2020.
Investment: FREE!

Buy Me A Hot Choc And Cake
every month and get one workshop/training about writing and a live Q&A every month! A little writing coach in your pocket.
Investment: £5 a month

Start Writing Your Novel In 7 Days Course
A short course to get you writing fiction in 7 days.
Investment: £5

Regular Creative Writing Workshops
Every now and then, I hold online workshops live to go through something to help you with your writing.
Got an idea for a topic you’d like to see? Let me know!
Those in the email community will be the first to know, followed by those following me on Instagram.
Investment: £25

Finding Time To Write Workshop
An hour long workshop to watch at your leisure. By the end you’ll have a writing schedule and the tools and techniques needed to find the time to write, protect that time and make the most of it, whatever life throws at you.
Investment: £37

Find Ideas and Get Inspired Workshop
An hour long workshop to watch at your leisure. By the end you’ll know how you can find ideas and inspiration, organise those ideas, develop them into stories and keep your inspiration as you write.
Investment: £37

Pick My Brain Session
An hour long call with me (or equivalent of emails/DMs, whatever you’re comfortable with) to go over anything you’re struggling with, whether it’s self-doubt, where to start, wanting to give up, a plot problem, a character problem, a who-knows-what-the-problem-is, finding the time, finding your process, which publishing path to take, etc.
Investment: £60

Develop Your Characters: Intensive two week course
I’ll work with you to develop your characters for your story in an online group setting.

Create Your Outline: Intensive two week course
An online group course where I’ll help you to develop the outline for your book (fiction or non-fiction).

Write Your Book In 3 Months: Group Programme
A small group of us will get together regularly online over three months to write your books. I’ll be there with advice, tips, motivation and for accountability as well as helping you with any problems.