Vlog 7: Smashing Smashwords. Or Not.

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Vlog 7: Smashing Smashwords. Or Not - J E Nice / Write into the Woods

One way to sell your self-published books is getting them into as many different places as possible. And for some this can include Smashwords which can potentially be a great distribution tool. So, after much consideration, I tried to upload Matter of Time and Despite Our Enemies to Smashwords. And I smashed it! Or not… […]

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Vlog 4: My First Business Expo

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Vlog 4: My first business expo - Write into the Woods

If you’re like me, a massive introvert, then going out, especially on your own, to somewhere that’s big and full of people who know each other can be terrifying. That’s basically what business expos are. Being a business owner is about being brave. I deserve a gold star for this! We all do. Remember to […]

J E Nice

Vlog 2: My New Books Have Arrived!

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Vlog 2: My new books have arrived - Write into the Woods

Huzzah! Part of being an author is the joy when your brand new, shiny books arrive! My first box of Despite Our Enemies is here. Here’s a little insight into what can happen when your books arrive as a self-publish (and maybe traditionally published) author… Remember to go subscribe to the vlog over on YouTube.

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An Intro to the Vlog

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Welcome to the Vlog - Write into the Woods

I’ve decided to start a vlog! All the videos are up on YouTube here, but I’ll also be adding them right here. The vlog will be about building a writing business, mostly. Some videos will work for building any business, some will be specific for writing and others will just be fun (although business and […]


Five Ways to Make Notes

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Hit by an idea? Quick! Write it down!

All writers make notes, but not all writers notes are the same. Note making is something personal and individual. And if you’re just starting to write, it can be a little overwhelming. Shouldn’t we all be keeping notebooks in our bags? Shouldn’t we all have notebook after notebook full of ideas? It used to be […]