Vlog 10: Doing More Than One Project At A Time

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Vlog 10: Having More Than One Project On The Go At The Same Time - Write into the Woods

As writers AND as business owners, you will inevitably have more than one idea that you’re excited about and that you want to be working on right now. Well, you can! In this week’s vlog I share with you whether you should be working on more than one project at a time (spoiler, you should) […]

Being a writer

Writing Rules? What Writing Rules?

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There’s No Such Thing As Writing Rules - Write into the Woods

If you’ve ever done a spot of Googling on how to write fiction or picked up a how-to book, you’ll be familiar with the ‘rules of writing’. Here are some of the main ones: Don’t describe your character through them looking at their reflection. Never start your story by describing the weather (snore). (Want some […]

Writing basics

Just How to Start your Story

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How Should Your Story Start? - Write into the Woods

This post was this week’s Monday email. Get these straight in your inbox every week (along with exclusive writing prompts) by putting your email in here.   Whether you’re just starting to write stories or you’ve been doing it for years, starting a story can always be a bit…tricky. You might be typing on a […]