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Meet Our Latest Fluffball Addition

Does Your Pet Help You Write

I’m SOOOOO excited!!!!!!!
On Saturday, we went and picked up our new addition to the family.

I’d like you to meet Bucky.


Our new fluffball, Bucky.


Isn’t he adorable? He’s a little mischief maker.

Writers tend to be stereotyped into the cat lover category, but I grew up with dogs. I’ve always loved dogs.

Bucky will never sit stubbornly on my laptop (well, he might, but only if I leave it on the floor or in his bed) and taking him for walks and adventures will give me space to breathe. This little guy is going to get me out of the house, breathing fresh air and exploring. Which means more inspiration for stories.

The thing is, all pets can be a great boost for a writer.

The guinea pigs we had for seven years were no different, even though I couldn’t take them for walks. They still demanded my attention and they gave me someone to talk to when I was working from home. Not to mention the cuddles (although I think Bucky will appreciate the cuddles more).

It’s proven scientific fact that stroking pets can relieve stress and anxiety. They can calm and bring both understanding and joy.

So, whether you have dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, horses, ferrets, iguanas or anything else furry, feathered or scaly, remember that their companionship, love and sounding board are priceless to you as a writer.

Don’t have a pet? No worries! I bet your friends or family have something furry you can talk through your plot with.
Maybe you’re not an animal person, you can find humans to cuddle and talk to.

What pet do you have? Do they help your writing or sometimes hinder it?


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