Mentoring Sessions

Feeling stuck with your story?
Not sure where to start?
You’ve written it but now what?
Something about your plot/characters bothering you?
Just need someone to talk to about your writing anxieties and journey?

Don’t worry, I got you.

I’m now offering mentoring sessions!

Book a fiction writing mentoring session with me below.

You can book a call with me at a time to suit you (if any of the times listed don’t suit, then shoot me an email and we’ll figure something out).
Calls can be half an hour or an hour long, depending on your preference.

You might just want an hour to talk things through.
Or half an hour to ask a question.
Orrr you might want half an hour now just to test the water so you can decide if you want an hour later on.

It’s up to you!

An hour call costs £40.
A half hour call costs £20.

Payment is required at time of booking, but don’t worry, if you change your mind, you can cancel for a full refund.

Book your call below…