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A Little Reminder About Writing Rules…

Tell Your Story Your Way

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I thought I’d give you a little reminder about writing rules.

Yes, there are technically rules to writing fiction.
They are different to non-fiction writing rules. Please don’t mix them up.

BUT, writing fiction is a creative process. And what place do rules have in the land of creativity?
As a wonderful pirate once said (if you ignore the rubbish fifth film), the rules are ‘more what you’d call guidelines.’

So, while esteemed authors and aspiring authors, editors, agents and publishers will all bark at you not to info dump, sometimes you just have to dump some info.

It’s not in the breaking of the rules.
It’s in how you break them.

This is your story.
Write it in your way.
With your voice.
Breaking whatever rules you need to.

Just remember to break with creative style.


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