The Treehouse Club for writers is OPEN!

Deep in the woods of tall and old trees is a clearing. It’s hard to find unless you discover the right path, of which there are many, hidden away beneath overgrown ferns and brambles.
In the centre of that clearing stands a tree. The trunk is thick and the branches low, and nestled in those branches is a house.

A treehouse with a light shining from the window.

As the sun sinks below the horizon and darkness takes over the woods, small lights come on around the treehouse and bird song can be heard from the surrounding branches.
First, the brave and bold robin, singing into the dusk.
Then the eloquent nightingale, whistling its story into the night.


Join the Treehouse Club for Writers

The Treehouse Club is a community and a place of refuge against the dreaded writer’s block.

It’s a place for women who write fiction of any genre, at any stage of their writing and publishing journey.

If you need someone to lean on, a place to make new friends, regular, structured writing advice and tips, and a place where your writing will be promoted and celebrated, then you need to climb that ladder and join The Treehouse Club.

We’ll let you in on the secret knock.

Inside the Club, depending on the tier you choose, you’ll find:

  • A Facebook group community (which also exists on Instagram)
  • Regular live videos
  • Monthly Q&As
  • Free resources and guides to help with your writing
  • Monthly workshops (check the Events page to find out more) with workbooks and printables
  • Writing prompts, contests and actual prizes for the winners
  • The chance to promote your book, celebrate your successes and share your rejections, so we can laugh in the face of adversity while we commiserate (cake optional).


Come and find your writing path.
Join us.

Access to the Resource Library, full of freebies
A free monthly Q&A.
Heavy discounts on other products and services.
Access to the Facebook group, all community advice, tip and how-to videos.
Everything the Robins get, plus…
Free resources and workbooks.
Access to the new and previous monthly workshops.
Monthly writing prompts with prizes.
Discount on one-to-one coaching sessions.
Promote your book(s) in the newsletter (and my author newsletter if you're writing fantasy/sci-fi).

There will be a cut-off point to member numbers, at which point the doors to the Club will close and the waiting list will be reinstated.

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