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What To Expect From WITW In The Next 3 Months

Exciting changes are coming and I want you to be involved

I’ve been busy. Busy making BIG plans. And by big, I mean MAHOOSIVE plans for Write into the Woods.

And I want you to be a part of those changes and all of the exciting changes coming up.

Want to know what’s to come? Check out the video, or post, below!

Write into the Woods, for the foreseeable future, will go back to supporting and motivating people who have a story in their head and aren’t sure how to get it out and down on paper (or screen).
Want to write fiction but something’s holding you back? That’s what I’m here for.

We’ll be moving throughout the writing journey as time goes on, but right now we’re going back to the beginning.

This doesn’t mean that experienced writers or people who are already writing their stories can’t get anything out of this. There’ll still be information, tips, news and goodies that can help you with your writing, whatever stage you’re at.

So coming in the next three months are:

  • The weekly emails will be changing to one Friday email each week containing motivation, tips, news, goodies and a writing prompt.
  • A free Facebook group.
  • Weekly helpful Facebook Lives and Q&As.
  • A free email course.
  • Free webinars.
  • Something big coming in June/July and you can get on it from the beginning.

How does that sound?
I’m genuinely really excited about this. I’m busy working away at it all and can’t wait to share it with you.

Come over and Like the Facebook page to catch the weekly Live videos and come over to Instagram to follow the new WITW account.

Happy writing.


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