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What colour were his eyes again? - Write into the Woods


Surely this has happened to you.

You’re writing your story. You’re in the flow, fingers or pen nib flying across the keyboard or page. The characters have taken on a life of their own. It’s all coming together.

She looked into his blue eyes.

Are his eyes blue?

I know I mentioned his eyes at the beginning…
Did I say they were blue?
That was a good 100 pages back.

Cue half an hour to an hour lost, scrolling, looking for a mention of that character’s eye colour.

This happens to me ALL the time.

You know what’s worse?
When you’re on the third book in a trilogy and need to remember a description of a character from the first book.

Yes, you can use ‘find’, but that often doesn’t work with me and, if you’ve mentioned ‘eyes’ or ‘blue’ a lot, it can still take longer than you’d like.

And by the time you’d found the mention, the flow is gone.
You’re out of the zone.

It’s actually painful at times. And just plain annoying at other times.

Which is why I designed some character sheets.

Get your character sheets right here!

Editable character sheets printable

I always thought character sheets were only to be used before you started writing, to help you shape your character.
And yes, some people do use them for this.
Personally, I can’t. I rarely write down character features and often hair or eye colour will come up as and when I’m writing about it.

But now, that’s when I pause for a second, reach for the character sheet and fill in the details. I fill it in as I write the first draft and the bare bones of a character takes on life and becomes their own person.

I want to share these character sheets with you. They are editable PDFs, so you can print them out to fill them in or fill them in on your computer. There will be six different colours so you can choose your favourite(s) to suit you and your characters.

Use these characters sheets in whatever way suits you and so you never have to scroll back looking for random character descriptions you wrote months ago ever again.

Right now the blue characters sheets are available for £6 (plus VAT) and you can get yours right here. A rose gold version is coming soon, followed be green, purple, red and orange.

Blue character sheets editable printable