Buy Me A Hot Choc And Cake

Sitting, staring at a blank screen, waiting for inspiration to strike, wondering how on earth you got into this plot hole.
Writing can be a lonely experience.
Not to mention, writing a book is haaaaard.

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to.
Sometimes you just need someone to answer your questions.
And sometimes you just need an hour of helpful, motivational advice.

This is where I can help.

‘Ooh I love this…Thank you for your excellent advice. This is perfect! And thank you for using my own character to help me out. That was incredibly cool and helpful of you.’
Elizabeth Kahle

Who Am I?

  • I’m Jenny Lewis, a creative writing coach helping women to write their novels, non-fiction and business books.
  • I’ve been writing stories since I was a child, so that’s at least two decades of actual writing experience (it’s actually more, but I don’t think I can claim my expertise to go back to me writing Andy Pandy stories when I was five…).
  • In 2016, I chose to self-publish and now have five novels out in the world (with the sixth coming in February 2020).

The way to my heart is chocolate and cake…

Buy me a hot chocolate and cake once a month, and you’ll get: a live online training workshop once a month on a subject you can vote on.

You’ll get a little writing coach in your corner.

So, for just £5 a month, you can find like-minded women writers, confidence boosts and help to improve your writing.

Sound good?

You can join right here.

Email: for links to trainings

‘I was in a bit of overwhelm and just couldn’t get started; I don’t think I could see the wood for the trees.
Jenny gave me an increased confidence in myself and the fact that my story is worth writing and sharing. Thank you Jenny.’
Anonymous (still in the book closet)

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This is in beta right now, so by joining now you’ll be a founding member.
Doors close on 10 January 2020 so I can work out the first workshop.

Come join the club and give your writing a boost.

‘…of all the writing coaches I’ve found so far, you are easily my favourite in terms of teaching ability, likability, and the trust you inspire.’