Do you have a fantastical imagination?

The Key To Becoming A Better Writer


I’m not going to lie, I’ve been struggling with writing my new novel. It’s always hard to get back into a writing routine after so many months of editing.
But this time it’s even harder. After seven years of writing the same characters in the same world, I’m now in a whole other world, a new cast of characters and the freedom to change the style and structure.

So what am I doing?
Staring at the screen and wondering what to do, of course!

Over the fun-packed weekend of puppy training classes and checking out our new car (all of which you’d have seen if you follow my author account on Instagram), my mum passed on an article to me, that appeared in the I, written by Valerie van Mulukom.

It’s all about thinking like a creative genius, basically how to develop your imagination and get that novel written.
It was all interesting but a few things grabbed my attention.

Apparently, Pablo Picasso (yes, that Picasso) once said, ‘Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.’
I rather love this. It sums up exactly what writers should do with all those writing ‘rules’ teachers and the internet will tell you about.

The article also talks about different ways the brain comes up with ideas. The one I like the most is ‘fantastical imagination’.
This is the type of thinking that is common among writers and leaves us staring into space at random times of the day, off in our own world. It’s what gives us our vivid fantasies and allow us to live other lives.
(An added benefit, according to scientists, is that a ‘fantastical imagination’ can help with your memory. I’m not too sure about this.)

Does this not feel familiar?
Don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you’re not a writer, it just means you have a slightly different type of imagination.

Whatever your imagination type, this article reminds us, the way to becoming a good writer is to keep learning and keep writing. You won’t learn if you don’t write. Growth and better writing comes from experience and making mistakes.

So what are you waiting for? Get those words down, whatever those words are!

I’m off to take my own advice…


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