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Why I’ve decided to self-publish

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Traditional publishings vs self publishing - Write into the Woods

Something amazing happened last week. Okay, you might not find it amazing, but to me, it’s amazing. Seven years ago I started a novel about a dragonslayer named Del. Over the years the story has evolved, it’s grown. More characters were added and they took on a life of their own. Several rounds of editing […]

Being a writer

How Google Alerts can help your writing

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Make your inspiration and research easy with Google alerts

There’s so much you can do through Google – you can write, email, create spreadsheets, socialise, create adverts and search for long lost answers to questions that randomly pop into your head for no reason. Did you know you can also ask Google to email you with news stories? Yup, Google Alerts searches the internet […]


5 tricks for editing your story

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5 tricks for editing your story - Write into the Woods

I’m struggling through a final edit of the novel I’ve been working on, on and off, for seven years. Seven. Years. So now you’ve gone through your story, fixed the character development, filled in the plot holes and added in those extra scenes you came up with last night. All that’s left is that final […]