Write into the Woods (WITW) is the place for writers who are starting their writing and/or publishing journey,or maybe those who are looking for an extra hit of inspiration and motivation.

WITW is run by Jenny Lewis (writing under her maiden name J E Nice), a learner of ancient graves, archaeology and dinosaurs with a passion for the strange and wonderful, and writer of fantasy stories.

Are you a fantasy reader?
Are you a fiction writer?

Me too!

Whether you:

  • want to find a good fantasy novel
  • want to learn more about starting to write fiction
  • want to know more about J E Nice (that’s me!)
  • or learn about building your writing business…

You’re in the right place.

Whatever genre you write, whatever stage you’re at.

Please be aware, while WITW is a place for all fiction writers, there is a bias towards fantasy/science fiction/horror, because that’s what I write.

You can find out more about my books, including a free novel for your reading pleasure, over at www.jenice.co.uk.