How To Develop A Plot

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Got Your Story? Now To Develop Your Plot!

It seems to me that just as there are two types of outliners – those who do and those who don’t, there are also two types of plotters; those who plot first and those who develop characters first. I’m one the latter people. I develop my characters, find out their story and then build the […]


How To Find An Order For Your Story

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What Should Happen When?

I started writing a new novel in December 2018 before putting it to one side and starting back on it this week (January 2019). During that little break, I started to doubt what I’d already written. The book is inspired by my walks through the woods with the dog, which is something I do every […]


What 2019 Has In Store For Write Into The Woods

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Happy 2019 Writers! What 2019 has in store for Write into the Woods.

Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely Christmas break, whatever you were up to. It’s always a mixed time of year for me. I love Christmas but I hate New Year. It’s full of fireworks (which I hate and my puppy is very scared of) and drunk people (waking us all up at […]


How To Create A Story Arc

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How to Create A Story Arc

Stories are full of arcs. Depending on the length of your story, there could be multiple character arcs, all intertwining with each other. There will also be a number of story arcs. The biggest arc will make up your main plot, and that’s what we’re looking at today.   What is a story arc? A […]