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Always Remember To Sleep – When And How Is Up To You

Sleep is important and goood- Write into the Woods

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Happy October!! I know, where has the year gone?!

I LOVE this time of year and I try my best to enjoy the chill in the air, the changing colours, the weak sunlight, because I know it’ll soon be over and winter will be upon us.

Winter, with its woolly hats and gloves, having the heating on, walks out in the frost and no more light evenings.
Yeah, I kinda like winter a bit too.

But the problem with winter is that my brain can often shut down. Does yours?
I go into hibernation mode, and I know I’m not the only one.

I’ve been struggling with my sleeping pattern lately.

You see, over the past few years I’ve read over and over again that successful business owners are morning people. They rise early and get a load of work done.

I’m a night owl, but I know how lovely early mornings can be and I’m already half way trained thanks to the old 9-5. Plus, a morning routine would certainly help the family. It would mean I would spend less time working when my husband’s home and more time with him.

So I started getting up at 6.45am. Not that early to some, but for me? Ouch.

It was great to begin with. I got up, I was productive, I got loads done in the morning…

And then I completely crashed after lunch.
I mean crashed. Most days I would fall asleep on the sofa.

By 10pm, I’d be falling asleep again and drag myself off to bed.
It didn’t do our social life much good, I wasn’t getting a great deal of work done and I was so sick of being tired all the time.

One night, I threw caution to the wind and stayed up till midnight working. It set off little bells of joy within me to be back working in the magic of the night.

Immediately, I embraced my inner night owl. Bed at midnight-ish, up at around 7.30am (the alarm still goes off at 6.45am though because of the husband).

You know what? I’m not tired anymore. My headaches have even gone. My back feels better (which is weird – that might not be connected). I’m getting more work done and I’m happier.

Sleep is important. No, it’s vital. You need sleep to process your thoughts and memories, to rest, to fix those plot holes, to be inspired by dreams, to stay healthy and happy.

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But how many hours of sleep you need and when you get that sleep, that’s entirely down to you and what your body needs. Listen to your body, I bet it’s screaming at you if you’ve got it wrong right now.

(Small disclaimer: I know, I know, we can’t all listen to our body clocks like that. Some of us have jobs to go to, or children to look after or pets that need feeding and walking. But you should still listen to your body. Try and find a compromise.)

Your writing will thank you for it.

Happy writing.


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