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Your Writer’s Block Might Not Be About Fear

Your Writer's Block Might Not Be About Fear - Write into the Woods

Ages ago, I had a British comedy programme called Uncle recommended to me. And because I always come to things late, I watched episode one last week…

Followed by episode two…followed by finding it on Netflix and binge watching series one and two.

If you haven’t seen it, the purpose of me telling you this is because it’s about a man and his nephew. The man is a musician. He writes (I think) amazing songs but has no record deal, no one buys his stuff and he lives in a little flat with his porn and bong. And then along comes his nephew who is fantastically musically talented, and they form a band.

In one episode in the second series, the uncle can’t write. He’s got writer’s block and, even worse, he’s had it for a whole year.

Can you imagine!?

His nephew tries to snap him out of it by making him stop smoking, drinking and fornicating so that his creativity can come back to him. He also makes up a healthy eating and exercise schedule for him.

You know, like the interwebs often tells us to do.

I often go on about fear being the real cause of writer’s block, but to be honest that’s generalistic and a bit lazy (yeah, I’m lazy, I binge watched two series of Uncle instead of writing this weekend).

There are SO many causes of writer’s block, from that fear of putting yourself out there, to being lazy *waves*, to stress, to boredom, and, in Uncle’s case, horrible, horrible guilt.

If you feel something blocking your creativity, then take a step back. Look at yourself and your life from different directions. Take a walk. Watch a film. Read a book. TAKE A BREAK. And be honest with yourself.


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