Writing Prompt: Rise of the Chimera

Writing Prompt: Rise of the Chimera

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Hurray for Wednesday writing prompts!

I’m going to try and not throw up as I type this next bit, because this honestly and truly revolts me.

Scientists have successfully created embryos that are a mixture of human and pig. These embryos will be implanted into a sow and left to grow into piglets, when their organs will be harvested and put into humans.

I know, I know. Replacement organs are needed to save lives. But this goes against all of my all-lives-are-equal values.

Anyway, it got me thinking about chimeras, which is what these embryos are.

In Greek mythology, a chimera is a creature that is a mixture of lion, snake and goat. As you do. But the name can mean mixture of any animal.


The chimera from Greek mythology being killed.
Image credit to Wikipedia

In Ben Aaronovitch’s Peter Grant series, chimeras that are part human, part cat are found and seem to be objects of entertainment in clubs.

These real life human-pig chimeras are being created so that their organs can be harvested.

If you’re a fan of the TV show Angel, this might remind you of when Lindsay got his new hand. Remember? His new hand that kept writing ‘kill’.

He tracked it back a secure Wolfram and Hart facility where humans were being kept alive in tanks and their bodies dissected and removed as and when they were needed. Lindsay found the original owner of his new hand and listened as the man rasped, ‘kill me’.

It’s one of the episodes that haunted me.


Over to you

What will you do with this?

Will your chimeras be as of Greek mythology style?

Will your story be a tale of horror, a fantasy adventure or a heartfelt drama?

Whose point of view will it be from – the scientist, the organ donor or the chimera?



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