Finding Confidence As A Writer Webinar Replay

**This is the unedited video replay of the webinar (because YouTube is being sloooow) so please start the video at 15 mins 40 secs to cut out me staring at the screen and trying to get everything to work!**

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The group is free and you'll be joining a friendly and supportive community with:

  • Monthly Challenges to help with your writing.
  • A freebie to go with the Challenge (usually a workbook).
  • A space to ask questions, get support, share your wins and have a rant.


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Grab your Little Book of Confidence for Writers

Little Book Of Confidence For Writers is available in paperback and ebook, and includes:Little Book of Confidence for Writers paperback and ebook

  • Affirmations for writers.
  • Advice on coping with negative reviews, criticism and rejections.
  • Exercises and tips for boosting your confidence.
  • Pages of SMART Writing Goals and Your Gratitude Journal (paperback) and links to the Gratitude Journal and SMART Writing Goals printables (paperback and ebook).


Grab your copy of Little Book of Confidence for Writers here.

(All profits from sales of the paperback and ebook versions of Little Book of Confidence for Writers between November 2018 and March 2019 will be donated to Shelter.)