Writing Prompt: The UFO sightings of Broad Haven

Writing Prompt: The UFO sightings of Broad Haven

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It’s Writing Prompt Wednesday!

Yes, that’s a thing. For now. These babies are time consuming for me to do but don’t offer enough time for you to really write. So as of March, I’ll be bringing you a big writing prompt per month.

But that’s then and this is now.


Onto the prompt

Cast your imagination back to February 1977, because that’s where our prompt takes place this week.

In the early hours of the morning, when everything is still and dark, a woman – the proprietor of a local hotel in Broad Haven, Wales – was woken by a strange noise and lights. Peering from the window, she watched two faceless humanoid creatures next to a large ‘upside-down saucer’ that was in a nearby field.

Days later, on the fields next to a local primary school in Broad Haven, Wales, 14 children stopped their game of football. A craft, described as yellow and cigar-shaped, had landed nearby. Not only that, but the children declared they had seen a silver creature in the field.

Sceptical, their headmaster separated them and asked them to draw what they had seen. The pictures were remarkably similar to one another.


The school children and their drawings of the UFO.
Image via Wales Online

A couple of weeks later, a handful of staff including teachers and dinner ladies, also witnessed the craft the children had described and a creature making its way on board.

The whole thing became known in the media as the Broad Haven Triangle Mystery.

The sightings were reported to the local MP who claimed he was being inundated with such things from the locals. These, along with similar sightings by pilots and air traffic controllers, eventually reached the MoD.

A UFO investigator was sent to Broad Haven while the public, Parliament and the media were told the tales were fabricated and there was nothing to worry about.


Over to you

How has this inspired you?

Are these aliens visiting our planet? Why are they here?

If the strange silver creatures aren’t aliens, how do you explain the sightings?

How much does the MoD really know?

Doesn’t the job title of UFO Investigator sound like the best job in the world!?


Leave any of your inspiration for characters, concepts or up to 100 words of story in the comments.

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