The three ingredients to Matter of Time

The three ingredients to Matter of Time

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Every story starts somewhere. Yup, there’s a story behind every story. And a story behind each of those stories. Talk about the infinity of life…or, you know, that snake biting its own tail thing.

Anyway, this is the story, or rather list, of where my new novel, Matter of Time, started.

Cue rolling text and dramatic music because here are the three prongs of inspiration that allowed Matter of Time to be born.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, kind of just down the road from where I live, about seven or eight years ago, it was raining…


  1. A moment

    Sat in the office at the beginning of a new job. We’ve all had those jobs, I’m sure. When you’re the newcomer and you have nothing to do. I was sat next to the window, thankfully, and it was a grey day. Rain began to patter against the window. I opened an email to myself and began typing. Better than just sitting there!
    The first words I wrote for Matter of Time, were ‘It was raining…’
    Those three words are still in the novel.


    The first three words I wrote for Matter of Time are still in the novel.
    Credit: Luigi Menato via Flickr
  2. A film.

    One night my husband dragged himself to bed. It was nearing midnight and instead of following, I was stuck to the sofa. Flicking through the channels I landed on a film that was just starting; Reign of Fire.
    It stars Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey, and while it isn’t the best of films, my late night brain became fascinated by Matthew McConaughey’s character and something started whirring.



    Reign of Fire helped to inspire one of Matter of Time's characters.
    Credit: Wikipedia
  1. A song.

    I’m not a big music person but I do like a song that tells a story. Sometimes it can take a few listens before an image forms. One day, driving home from work with this song blaring, an image formed in my head. It’s not an image you’ll find in Matter of Time, it’s more of an end story image. One that will hopefully go into the third book.
    That character that started growing after I watched Reign of Fire fitted into this song and developed.
    …I might have gotten something else from this song too.


What’s your story’s story?

Matter of Time is available now. You know, in case you want to get your hands on it to figure out which character started growing in my head the night I watched Reign of Fire.



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