The Magic of Subplots in Your Novel

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This Saved My First Novel

  It took me seven years to write my first published novel. Seven years! Okay, so I wrote another first draft in the middle, but still. Seven years. I paused half way through writing it, partly because I got distracted by another idea but partly because the story wasn’t going well. Something was wrong. Something […]

Writing basics

What Is A Trope? What, Why and How?

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  If you’re doing a lot of Googling about writing (and you should) and if you’re talking to people (or listening to people) about writing (again, you should), you might have heard of the term, ‘trope.’ When I first read the term the stared at it blankly before furiously reading on to try and put […]


How To Make The Most Of Your Editor

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This week is WITW’s first guest post! Hurray!! I’m very pleased to welcome Keri De Deo to WITW to talk about a really important part of writing to be published. If you choose to publish through the traditional route, no matter the size of the publisher, you will have to work with an editor (it’s also […]