Who is J E Nice?

J E Nice is a fantasy novelist.

Born in Essex, England, J E Nice has been writing since she knew what words were and started writing fantasy as a teenager when she got bored of heartthrob vampires. She now lives with her husband in Bristol, where it’s downright encouraged to be weird, open-minded and unapologetically yourself. Writing is done while sat next to elderly guinea pig Didymus, who reminds her to take breaks from her laptop by regularly Jedi mind-tricking her to the veg compartment of the fridge.

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What I'm working on...

Despite Our Enemies, the second book in The Last War trilogy will be released on 19 April.
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As I prepare Despite Our Enemies for release, I'm also writing on the third book, coming Autumn 2017. Again, sign up to get updates and be among the first to see the cover.



J E Nice reading Matter of Time Harley Quinn style

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