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I’m Looking For Guest Post and Interview Submissions For 2018

Guest post and interview submissions wanted

I’ve been working on my content plan for 2018 and I would love to feature more of your writing and books.

So, as of 2018, I’ll be accepting guest posts and mini-interviews (via email), which I’m calling A Leaf From My Book.

What a way to promote your book/website/thing.

These will be a great way of telling people about you, your writing and your books, as well as promoting anything new you have coming and giving your SEO a boost, so people can find you easily.

Right now, I’m thinking one of each a month, so I have 12 slots for guest posts and 12 slots for interviews to fill.

I’ll try and work them into a schedule that fits you and any new books you have coming out, if that’s the desired outcome, but otherwise it’ll be first come first served.

Take a look, see if either of these work for you and get in touch.

Take a look at the guest posts.

And the A Leaf From My Book mini-interviews.

And send me an email following what it says on those pages.


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