Grab your copy of Matter of Time

Grab your copy of Matter of Time

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Today is great for three reasons.

1. This website is now live!
2. It’s my birthday.
3. Matter of Time, my first novel and the first book in The Last War trilogy, is now available to buy.

I know, big day, right?

Now, this is the beginning of my self-publishing journey and I’ve decided to take it slowly, so right now Matter of Time is available only on Amazon and right here.

On the shop or J E Nice pages you can get the ebook in ePub and PDF formats as well as Mobi, so you should be able to read it on your ereader, whatever the device.

So why not go find out why the people of Drummbek can hear screams throughout the castle, what’s got Tabitha suspicious and just why infamous dragonslayer Del Thorburn is making her way back to the city.

Matter of Time, book one of The Last War trilogy

By the way, the lovely readers on my list got their signed copies of Matter of Time a few weeks ago AND they got free copies of the ebook.

Do you want a piece of that action for the second book in the trilogy?

Just sign up…


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