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The songs that helped inspire Despite Our Enemies

The songs that helped to inspire Despite Our Enemies

Over on YouTube, I’m creating a playlist of songs that helped to inspire my The Last War trilogy.

Matter of Time only has one song, Edge of the Earth by 30 Seconds to Mars. So the playlist was looking a tad pitiful.

I’ve just added the two songs that helped me create my new novel, and the second in The Last War trilogy, Despite Our Enemies.


The Playlist

One of these songs inspired the title of the book, the other inspired the plot. Can you guess which one is which?

Here’s one song:



And here’s the second (I don’t actually like this video because it’s not how I see the song. But the quality of the live version isn’t as good. Ah, the subjectivity of music):



And you can find the playlist on YouTube right here.

These aren’t the only things that inspired Despite Our Enemies, of course.

Certain characters in Matter of Time along with a sudden interest in crime novels helped a lot too…


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