How To Keep Your Ideas Original

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Christopher Booker wrote a whole book about the seven basic plots. Yep, he states that there are only seven basic stories in the whole world. It feels like there’s more, doesn’t it? That’s because, while we’re all using similar plots, we’re all putting our own twists on them. That’s the key to keeping your ideas […]

What Will You Achieve With Your Writing In 2018? (Free Printable Inside)

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How has your 2017 writing been? If you’re like me, you’re in a mad panic that there’s only one month left. You may have missed some (all) deadlines. You may not have written as much as you would have liked. I hope you don’t mind me asking why? Personally, it’s because I’m easily distracted and […]

Hit by an idea? Quick! Write it down!

Five Ways to Make Notes

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All writers make notes, but not all writers notes are the same. Note making is something personal and individual. And if you’re just starting to write, it can be a little overwhelming. Shouldn’t we all be keeping notebooks in our bags? Shouldn’t we all have notebook after notebook full of ideas? It used to be […]