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Can You Force Inspiration - Write into the Woods

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When do you write?

Every morning before work?
Every evening before bed?

Straight after work?
During your lunchbreak?

Weekends only?
When the mood strikes you?

There are no wrong answers, by the way.

But that last one, writing only when the mood strikes you, can become a problem ONLY if you’re planning on making money and a business out of writing.

If you’re writing just for you / friends / family, then you can ignore this!

Because the truth is, you can force inspiration. You don’t have to wait for it to come knocking.

Inspiration can even become a habit.
Sit in a specific place at a specific time to do you writing every day, and eventually when you sit there the words will just automatically flow (mostly).

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Otherwise, you might need to go looking for it. But it’s easy enough to find.

Go out and listen to people’s conversations. People watch!
Go for a walk in the woods, listen to the birds and watch the shadows between the trees.

Watch a film or TV show and ask how you’d do it differently.
Or take something you loved from it and expand on it.
The same with books.

Or read a non-fiction and apply it to your own worlds.
Write a random piece of flash fiction to get your brain in the right frame of mind.

Listen to some music and use it as the theme for your story or character.
Find a book cover you love and write the story you think it would fit.

This list is not exhaustive!

Feeling stuck for inspiration today?
Go and do one of these things.

Go and have fun.

Happy writing.


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