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You Need To Talk About Your Writing In Some Way

Get Motivated To Write By Talking About It

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As I sat down to write another 1000 words of my novel the other day, I had a sudden flashback.
Isn’t the brain a marvellous thing.

It showed me a memory of when I was 18 and I was writing an X-Men fan fiction for my friend and myself.
We worked together after college, cleaning at a local school for two hours every late afternoon. We would spend those two hours plotting and planning the fan fiction story.

I would get so excited and into the story that I would sit down at my computer as soon as I got home and write until my parents dragged me away to eat something.

Every. Day.

Now, aged 32, I tell myself to sit down and write 1,000 words and you know what? I often struggle with it.

Do you want proof?
My latest vlog is up and it’s all about a writing challenge I set myself in May to try and finish the first draft of my new novel.
Check it out.

So, maybe my brain threw me this memory for a reason.

Do you struggle with getting motivated to write?
Of course, it’s usually easy once you’re there typing or scribbling away. But actually getting in front of that screen or piece of paper can be torture.

Here’s what I reckon we should do: Talk about your work.

You don’t have to talk to actual people. Your pet will be more than happy to listen.
And it’s okay to talk to yourself (I feel like I say that a lot…).
Go for a walk and tell yourself about your story. Sell it to yourself. Get yourself excited about it.

Another little nugget of Jenny wisdom (!). The other day I needed to get out of my head. I went for a walk in the rain, found a recording app on my phone, put the phone to my ear as if I was having a conversation with someone, and recorded talking to myself.

Hey. It’s worth a try! And that way you can keep your excited descriptions which may come in handy later for writing a synopsis, blurb and marketing pieces.


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