If you've got plot problems, I feel bad for you... Here's how to fix them

Four Places To Start If You’ve Got Plot Problems

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If you’re having plot problems, I feel back for you. I got 99% problems and… Well… A few of them are plot problems. They’re a common thing. And there’s not one answer, which means that when someone says they’re having trouble with their plot, it can take a while to find something that works. So, […]

Check out these 12 tips for breaking through writer's block

12 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

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One of the questions I ask when people join the Write into the Woods Facebook group is what are you having problems with right now in your writing? I decided to start writing blog posts about the issues people are having, as I know they’re not alone and a lot of you will be having […]

Playing The Genre Field

Should You Stick To Writing One Genre?

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What genre do you write? Do you think you’ll still be writing that in ten year’s time? Writing is a fluid thing and some people worry, as they begin their writing journey, that they’re being pinned down to just the one genre. When I meet another writer, I always ask what genre they write. When […]

How To Keep Your Ideas Original

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Christopher Booker wrote a whole book about the seven basic plots. Yep, he states that there are only seven basic stories in the whole world. It feels like there’s more, doesn’t it? That’s because, while we’re all using similar plots, we’re all putting our own twists on them. That’s the key to keeping your ideas […]