Everyone has a story and everyone is on a journey.

Write into the Woods is run by me! Jenny

Write into the Woods (WITW) is the place for writers who are starting their writing and/or publishing journey, or maybe those who are looking for an extra hit of inspiration and motivation.

WITW is run by Jenny Lewis (writing under her maiden name J E Nice), a learner of ancient graves, archaeology and dinosaurs with a passion for the strange and wonderful.

Jenny has been writing fiction since before she could write. Her mother made up stories for her, then they made them up together. As soon as Jenny could hold a pencil and learned how to spell ‘and’ she was off. Creating her own punctuation rules until her mother corrected her, and learning with each and every book read and story written.

Writer’s block hit during the teen years. After a childhood of writing about horses and tired of writing about brooding vampires, Jenny was at a loss. Remember that scene in The Fellowship of the Ring when the fellowship enter Moria and Gandalf lights up the great hall? That was the scene that exploded Jenny’s mind. She’s been writing fantasy, with a hint of sci-fi and horror (including vampires, but none of them can be described as brooding), ever since.

Only adults get published (or so she told herself), so Jenny kept her passion to herself for a long time. Writing stories for her friends and for homework, which were snatched up by teachers and published in newsletters and anthologies.

So she embarked on an education and a number of jobs that should have led to a more ‘normal’ career.

She’s been a trainee veterinary nurse, a finance assistant, an administrator, a marketing executive and is now a self-employed virtual assistant (because she enjoys admin. Yes, she knows this is strange).

It was back when she hit her mid-twenties that Jenny realised that she might just be an adult finally. Maybe.
But it took many more years to make it a reality.


Matter of Time, book one of The Last War trilogy
Matter of Time, book one of The Last War trilogy, available now.


Matter of Time, the first book in The Last War trilogy, was published on her birthday in September 2016 and book two, Despite Our Enemies, is coming April 2017.


Join her on the journey.