Everyone has a story...




Are you a fiction writer?

Me too!

Or maybe you want to be a fiction writer. Or start your writing business.

You're in the right place.

Whatever genre you write, whatever stage you're at, Write into the Woods is for you.

This is a place for fiction writers and wanna be fiction writers, whether you're just thinking about ideas to marketing your books, or anywhere in-between, you'll find advice, tips and ideas here.

That includes finding ideas, tips, opinions and advice on writing, self-publishing and marketing your stories and books.

Please be aware, while WITW is a place for all fiction writers, there is a bias towards fantasy/science fiction/horror, because that's what I write.

This is the early days for Write into the Woods, so keep coming back! There'll be more each week. 

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J E Nice

J E Nice is my penname for my fiction. If that's why you're here, you can find my page and books on the link above or here.

Coming soon on Write into the Woods

I have some exciting plans for WITW including:


  • Writing contests (keep an eye on those writing prompts and be among the first to know by signing up here).


  • A whole thing about inspiration. Because we wouldn't be writers without inspiration and ideas. It's where our stories start, how our characters are born and sometimes, it can be a pain to untangle ideas, find inspiration and make it into something that can grow into a story.