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Who is J E Nice?

Born in Essex, England, J E Nice has been writing since she knew what words were and started writing fantasy as a teenager when she got bored of heartthrob vampires.
She now lives with her husband in Bristol, where it’s downright encouraged to be weird, open-minded and unapologetically yourself.

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What I'm working on...

Right now I'm doing the copy edit of In My Bones, the third book in The Last War trilogy.

And I've started the outline for the next book, which will be a paranormal fantasy. Ghosts and fairies and time travel. Oh my!
There will also be family connections and generations. My neighbours (not the good kind) will make an appearance. And there might be a handyman, who actually popped up in a dream of mine... Least said about that the better.


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Matter of Time by J E Nice The cover for Despite Our Enemies, book two in The Last War trilogy by J E Nice